Team On The Run


A mobile instant messaging application for companies that optimizes worker communications.

  • Secure authentication.
  • Creating OneToOne / OneToMany / Group conversations.
  • Sending / Receiving Attachments (Image, Video, Audio, Location, File, Media (Youtube, News, Link, Gif), Contact, Event)).
  • Synchronization with the client’s local contacts / messages.
  • Secure communications: messages are encrypted to ensure the confidentiality of your exchanges.
  • Access to the directory of your company (employees and groups).
  • VoIP calls.
  • Talkie-Walkie calls or connecting to a Talkie-Walkie frequency to talk with several employees.
  • Geolocation of employees.


  • Communication protocol:
    • Messaging: JAIN SIP, Android SIP, SSL
    • WebService: REST, JSON, SOAP
  • API:
    • Youtube API
    • Embedly API
    • Bing Image API
    • Bing News API
    • Giphy API
    • Google Map API